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Just a taste

We just want to give you a little taste of the show this Sunday. Here are a few bands you'll be hearing . . . 

Nick's Picks

Horse Feathers — a Portland trio. Cello rock.  Absolutely beautiful male/female harmonies.

Peter Von Poehl — Swedish singer-songwriter. Catchy melodies. 

matt pond PA — one of Nick's favorite bands. Out of Philly, PA.  Distinctive, velvety vocals. Cello. Modern rock. In the somewhat fledging stages of Nick and Amanda's friendship, Nick persuaded Amanda to accompany him to the Exit/In in Nashville for a MPPA performance. Amanda had barely heard of MPPA, but went along with it anyway ("it' being a 7-hour round-trip drive in one night and no alcohol being served at the venue). To this day, she does not regret her decision. She has been an MPPA fan ever since. She owes it all to Nick. He is an inspiration to us all.

Your Mom — Never heard of this band, but when Nick was asked what bands he wanted to play this Sunday, this was on his list.

Amanda's Picks

Big Star — Straight out of the Bluff City. We hope for your sake that you know who this band is. But, just in case, here's one description by a music critic "The quintessential American power pop band."

Of Montreal — Athens, GA. Some new stuff from this quirky, synth power pop band. Well, that is if we can find one song that won't get us in trouble with the FCC.

Kings of Leon — Amanda continues to push her new addiction on WEVL listeners and Nicholas. Probably something off of their September release "Only By the Night." These guys hail from Mt. Juliet, TN. Amanda is driving to Nashville next month to see them live for the first time. She is questioning her own sanity since she will be blowing a day and a half of vacation time and staying in a ghettofied hotel just off the interstate. 

Oh, and there might be a little Otis Redding thrown in there, just for the hell of it.

If you want to hear something, give us a call Sunday night — 901.528.1990. 

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